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What is a tic?

Tics are movements that patients cannot always control. There is often an urge or need to do the movement then a relief after the movement. Movements sometimes can be stopped briefly. Tics may be:

• Sudden, fast 

• Repetitive and stereotyped (the same each time) 

• Lack purpose or rhythm 

• They can be simple or complex

Simple tics appear suddenly and usually last for weeks or months. The most common simple motor tics include: eye blinking, raising the eyebrows, shoulder shrugging, turning or jerking the head and neck. Common simple vocal tics include: throat clearing, coughing, sniffing, and yawning. (Movement Disorders Society)


Helpful Handouts

Tics: Patient Information Fact Sheet

Tourette Syndrome Information

Recommended Websites

http://www.leakybrakes.ca (London Health Sciences)


Recommended Reading

Nix Your Tics

Adam and the Magic Marble

I can't stop! A story about Tourette Syndrome

Tic Talk: a 9-year-old boy's true story about living with Tourette Syndrome

Comprehensive Behavioral Intervention for Tics

List of Canadian Practitioners

For Teachers




Comprehensive Behavioural Intervention - introductory information available at www.tourette.ca

Medication is typically not needed for tics, however in some cases we may use:

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